The Segnale is the primary support class of Dekaron Evolution. With access to several potent healing spells, as well as the only class with a ressurection spell, the Segnale is possibly the best class to have watching your back in the middle of a fight. Besides healing spells, the Segnale also has several nasty debuffs. When not supporting their allies or debuffing their enemies, the segnale can rely on their curse damage spells to fight.


  • Great AOE Buffs
  • Cheap To Play
  • Has many useful Debuffs
  • Guranteed party for DF
  • Fair Magic Damage
  • Good Supporter Class
  • Good Farming Class


  • Not a Good PVP/PK Class here
  • Hard to play
  • Slow for Soloing


The segnale has only one weapon, the Bloodwhip. Segnales are not primarilty focused on attacking so much as support and healing.



The segnale has weak armor, they are typically found at the backlines, protected by the tanks, and keeping their party alive with healing spells. It goes without saying that the Segnale while weak by herself, is a force to be reckoned with when in a party. A list of Segnale armor can be found here.

Segnale Armor