The Segita Hunter (commonly referred to as Hunters) are long range damage dealers. With several slowing debuffs and strong long range attacks the Segita is based around kiting the opponent until they die. But in case of close combat they have access to several close range damaging abilities.


  • Extremely Fast
  • Dishes out High Damage.
  • Great Kite Class
  • Good PVP/PK Classes
  • Fun to Play


  • Low Defense
  • Not many Buffs.
  • Easy to KB (Knock-Back)


The Segita has 3 weapons the CrossBow (Xbow), the Bow, and the Dagger. The CrossBow (Xbow) is the strongest of the 3 weapon types, but also the slowest. The Bow is the second strongest of the 3 weapon types but its also the fastest, good for dealing out a lot of hits in minimal time. The Dagger is the Segita Hunter's only close range weapon and is fairly weak in comparison to the Crossbow (Xbow) and the bow.


Crossbow (Xbow)



With weak armor, the Segita tries to stay out of the way of her opponents, preferring to hit them from afar, and run when they get to close. A list of their armors can be found here.

Segita Hunter Armor