A brief description.Edit

Loa is one of the first maps many new players will discover in Dekaron. It also houses a large amount of useful NPC's and a few rather weak monsters. Loa is also one of the 2 maps in which players can open up a personal shop, for this reason, Loa is often packed full of people selling and buying things on the market server. Whereas players in Loa on the Evolution server are simply in transit, or using a function of one of the NPC's.

Notable NPC'sEdit

Pablos - Argating NPC/Merchant

Saphira - Argate Exchange

Isadora - Socketing

Marielle - Pet exchange

Alvin - Teleporter (normal maps)

Logi - Teleporter (high level maps)

Sneak - Merchant (170 wings)

Stacy - Exchange (200 wings, crespo/crevice stones)

Bilardo - Fishing NPC (rods, bait)

Gerrad - Storage

Salvatore - Storage

Kenneth - Teleporter (normal maps)

Koerth - Teleport (PvP maps, ruin maps)

Cain - Guild (emblem, creation, deletion)

Bastian - Siege (Information, ritual, registration)

Delkador - Set return point

Jose - Mounts

Siege tunnel - Enter Siege map

Skill masters - Sell skillbooks

Merchants - Sell armor and weapons for classes, and normal items (pots, scrolls, ammo, ETC)

Notable/Important MonstersEdit

Blaverus - Found all around edge of map

Mofa - Found all around edge of map

Argama - Found all around edge of map

Akris - Found all around edge of map